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More praise for The Legend of the Cross 0

This touching review just added on amazon by Jody and Dessi Jackson, brought tears to  my eyes. It is humbling to know that this new book is touching hearts and minds of children and adults alike! As I sat there reading this book to my children I kept thinking how gifted the author is. The […]

Praise for new children’s picture book – The Legend of the Cross 2

I am thrilled to announce the release of my third children’s picture book, The Legend of the Cross illustrated by Niko Chocheli on February 2, 2014! From a seed of an idea back in 2007,  it is now here…… The Legend of the Cross follows the journey of the tree that would become the Cross […]

Feast day of Saint Kendeas 0

  Today is the feast day of Saint Kendeas, the Wonderworker – a very special saint for our family. Read about him on this site and in my children’s book, Under the Grapevine which also inspired my children’s podcast with the same name on Ancient Faith Radio. Blessed Saint Kendeas intercede for us!

Saint Helena Brings the Holy Cross to Cyprus 0

Cyprus, the island of Saints, has endured many trials and tribulations, the most recent of which has been the banking crisis. Throughout Lent, I worried about my younger sister and her family in Cyprus and continue to be concerned about the years of hardship ahead for the people there.  It has been the worst crisis […]

Fifteen Children’s Books for Lent and Pascha (Easter) 0

“Without a shadow of doubt, on that last day, we shall rise again in the brilliant brightness of the sun, that is, in the glory of our Redeemer Christ Jesus, as children of the living God and joint heirs with Christ, still destined to be shaped in his own image; for of Him, and by […]

Letters From Your Father 0

When our son Adam was three years old, my husband Barry, decided to start writing to him in a journal and then hand it to him when he turned 18 years old. That time has come.  In fact, Adam’s 18th came and went as did Christmas but the finished product is now complete and shortly […]

Interview on OCN radio on Childgood: The Journal for Creative Families 0

  I recently spoke with Fr Chris from the Orthodox Christian Network radio, Come Receive the Light about Childgood: The Journal for Creative Families, launched on Thanksgiving Day 2012, available for the Apple ipad. We talked about: What is unique about this parenting magazine? What is my role in the magazine? Some of the topics […]

Twelve Books for the Twelve Days of Christmas 2

“What shall we offer You, O Christ, Who for our sake has appeared on earth as a man? Every creature which You have made offers You thanks. The angels offer you a song. The heavens, their star. The wise men, their gifts. The shepherds, their wonder. The earth, it’s cave. The wilderness, the manger. And […]

Why does God allow violence to children? Interview on Come Receive the Light. 0

The tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Conn. on December 14, shocked and deeply saddened the entire nation. As parents you may be struggling with your own emotions and how to talk to your children. How do you answer questions like why it happened and whether the children are in heaven?   How […]

St. Kendeas of Cyprus – A gift in his memory 0

“Whosoever offers a gift In my memory Will find me, St. Kendeas, An intercessor Before God.” And so reads the inscription on the scroll held by Saint Kendeas on his icon. This box of delicious gala apples arrived the day after Thanksgiving! I opened my front door and there it was. It was a gift […]