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St Kendeas

Saint Kendeas was a monk who lived between the seventh and tenth centuries and is recognized as a saint by the Orthodox Church.His cave, church, and monastery are located near the village of Avgorou, in a fertile region of Cyprus that is famous for growing potatoes and for basket-weaving. Nearby coastal towns are known for their sandy beaches and clear turquoise water.

Saint Kendeas left his homeland of Alemanni (modern Germany) when he was eighteen and went to Jerusalem to live a monastic life with other hermits in the desert of Jordan. There he healed a young boy who was the son of a great nobleman from Jerusalem. From Jordan he traveled by boat with other hermit monks to Cyprus, where, upon arrival, they miraculously survived a shipwreck. Eventually, Saint Kendeas went to live alone in a cave near Avgorou, spending the rest of his life as an ascetic. When Saint Kendeas arrived at the cave, he was thirsty and prayed to God for water to drink. The Stone he knelt on filled with clear holy water, which still flows today.

Throughout the centuries many sick people have asked Saint Kendeas for his help. Through his prayers to God, they have been cured. He lived a long and virtuous life and has continued to perform numerous wonders and miracles for children and adults who believe in him and love Jesus Christ. His feast day is celebrated on October 6.

Troparion* to Saint Kendeas

Having hallowed through struggles the Jordan wilderness and the island of Cyprus,

You shone out upon all through remarkable battles as a fixed star.

Therefore, having seen the fullness of your wonders,

O God-bearing Kendeas, we lift our voices:

Glory to You, O Christ, through him who extols.

Glory to You through him who magnifies.

Glory to the One who through you heals illnesses for all.


A troparion is a special hymn composed for a saint and sung on his feast day.


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