A lovely gift for Easter and Pascha! The Legend of the Cross.

The Legend of the Cross book with chocolates


Discover the legend of the tree that would become the Cross of Christ. Grown from seeds gifted from the heavens, a magnificent tree participates in ancient history before becoming the crowning symbol of Christianity.

Don’t miss this complement to the story of Easter that is sure to become a Christian children’s classic.

Chronicles of Narnia fans will love the lion on the front cover – the lion of Judah, who represents Christ!

Please visit amazon to read the five star rated lovely reviews!

Here are the titles of those reviews:

A wonderful spiritual book for the family – Maria del Rey, publisher, Childgood magazine.

Beautiful story – Bradley Culbertson

A soul-piercing read –  Molly Sabourin author of “Close to Home: One Orthodox Mother’s Quest for Patience, Peace and Perseverance.”

Beautiful and spiritual – Elaine Katsaros

Mesmerizing tale – Jane G Meyer, author of The Hidden Garden and other picture books.

The deeper magic – Jenny N. Schroedel, author of the Blackbird’s Nest and Reflections on Stillbirth.

A legend with a better than Fairytale ending. Adriane Evans, MS ed. and mother of 4

A magical journey – James R Early, author.

Touching mystery – Jodi and Dessi. Dessi Jackson is author of A Saint and His Bees.

The Legend of the Cross is available in kindle, hardcover and softcover.




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