St. Kendeas of Cyprus – A gift in his memory

“Whosoever offers a gift In my memory

Will find me, St. Kendeas,

An intercessor Before God.”

And so reads the inscription on the scroll held by Saint Kendeas on his icon.

This box of delicious gala apples arrived the day after Thanksgiving! I opened my front door and there it was. It was a gift of kindness from Alexandra Anderson, a fruit farmer from Washington State, in gratitude for receiving a couple of paper icons of this local Cypriot saint that I had sent her a few months ago and for introducing her to Saint Kendeas through my book, Under the Grapevine.  Alexandra felt a connection to my story about my grandmother’s miraculous healing through St Kendeas as she and her husband are apple farmers like my great grandfather was.

Alexandra told me that her son and daughter in law planned to name their daughter after St Kendeas as they too had fallen in love with him. Kennedy Lynn Anderson was baptized on July 21, this year at Holy Cross Orthodox Church in Yakima, WA.

I received three beautiful book marks with the troparian to St Kendeas on the back:

Through your struggles you hallowed Jordan’s desert and wilderness

On the isle of Cyprus you shone forth through great battles like a fixed star

Beholding thus the wealth of your great works God-bearing Kendeas, we cry out

Glory to Christ who made you wonderous!

Glory to Him who has glorified you!

Glory to Him who works healing for all through you!


Thank you for your gracious and kind gift Alexandra, in St Kendeas’s memory.

May he always intercede before God for you and your family!



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