Saint Kendeas Feast Day

Tomorrow is St Kendeas’s feast day!  Each year, on October 6 pilgrims gather from all over Cyprus to St Kendeas’ church, near Avgorou in Cyprus, to attend Divine Liturgy and take part in the festival celebrations. They will walk down the mountainside to the cave where he lived and back up the mountain to the tiny church at the top. In order to accommodate the crowds, icons will be placed outside and holy water and oil will be offered to the Orthodox faithful.

As a tribute to St Kendeas, a testimonial is given here of one of his miracles translated from Saint Kendeas, The Wonderworker:

“My name is Margarita Stylianou and I am from Avgorou. My son is 38 and he has a brain tumor. He cannot work because he is too ill. The doctors in Australia told him that he must have surgery. I bought a ticket for Cyprus (because I live in Australia) and came straight to the Monastery of St Kendeas, to ask the holy sisters to pray for him.

At night, after the paraklesis, I had a dream that I was in the Monastery garden and that the garden was full of beautiful red tulips. I cut some tulips and made a bouquet. I proceeded to the exit of the monastery with the intention of taking the flowers to my son, but found the door was closed. I turned around and saw St Kendeas, dressed in white like a doctor. I said to him, “Doctor, have you finished work?” The saint smiled, opened the door, took the flowers and said still smiling, “The flowers are for me.” I tried to explain to the saint that I cut them for my son but woke up with the saint’s voice saying, “I will see him.”

When it was time for surgery, the doctors could not find the brain tumor which was previously shown on X-rays. It had been removed by St Kendeas! With great joy, I scoured Cyprus to find flowers like those in my dream. At last, I found and bought them! Then I presented them to the saint.

Thank you, our saint, who interceded for my son and made him well.”

Translated from Greek by Chrissi Hart from Saint Kendeas, The Wonderworker by Mother Christofora.

Glory to God for all things!  It has been 101 years since my grandmother was healed as a child through the intercessions of Saint Kendeas of Cyprus. Her amazing true story is told in my first picture book, Under the Grapevine: A Miracle by Saint Kendeas of Cyprus published by Conciliar Press. The book also inspired my podcast, Readings from Under the Grapevine on Ancient Faith Radio which bears the same name.

Listen to a reading here,

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