Psychologist, Author, Podcaster


Dr. Chrissi Hart is a Licensed Psychologist, author and podcaster.

Trained in Great Britain, she has a BA in Psychology from the University of Hull, British Psychological Society Diploma in Clinical Psychology and a PhD in Psychology from the University of Leicester, UK. She has helped troubled children for thirty years and has a private practice, in York, PA where she lives with her husband, two children and cat.

Born in Cyprus, Dr. Hart grew up in England from age three and writes stories for children from her cultural heritage that are inspiring and spiritually satisfying. She also hosts Ancient Faith Radio’s popular weekly children’s program – Readings from Under the Grapevine: Inspirational Stories for Children of all Ages, which developed from her first children’s book, Under the Grapevine. Each week, Dr. Hart reads from Orthodox and classic Christian literature to children.

She writes a regular child psychology article for Childgood: The Journal for Creative Families and also writes for The Sounding Blog on the Orthodox Christian Network .

New children’s book, The Legend of the Cross is now here! Please visit my blog for more details. Available in hardback, paperback and kindle from amazon.

If you are looking for a child psychologist for your child, please visit the psychology pages and feel free to contact me using the contact page or by email. I am also currently accepting woman clients.

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